IME Electric has sold more than 100 Raft electric scooters during festive season in Nepal

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access_time 07 Nov 2022

IME electric is the Sole Authorized Distributor of Raft Motors in Nepal and they have sold 100+ units of electric scooters during the festive season.

Raft motors has more than six models of electric scooters with the range going up to 320 Kms in a single charge. Raft vehicles have become extremely popular in Nepal in a very short period of time due to reasonable price, extremely good KM range, reliability and very attractive looks.

Company claims that cost of running a Raft electric scooter is less than 30 paisa per Km, so in comparison with the Petrol scooter; a customer will save app Rs. 2,50,000 (Two lakhs fifty thousand) within 3 years and hence will recover almost full cost of the scooter.

Raft Electric scooters are equipped with following features: Fireproof battery, Reverse gear, Height adjustable shock absorber, Multi modes of driving, 10 Amp charger for fast charging, Thicker body for better protection, Keyless Start, DRL Headlight, Theft Alarm, Digital Display, Remote Locking, Automatic Charger Cut-Off, Indicator Buzzer, Regenerative Braking System, Portable Battery and Many More...

Hemant Puranik, CEO of IME Electric said that “We have the best combination available with respect to price and km range. Prices of Raft scooters start with only Rs. 1,99,000 (Rs. One Lakh Ninety-nine Thousand Only) which is one of the most affordable electric scooters in the Nepal market today and we have vehicle with the range of 320 kms, which is the highest km range of vehicle in Nepal. Over and above this, we have the best possible features. Because of this our vehicles are gaining huge popularity amongst Dealers and Customers.”

IME electric has been aggressively expanding their network with sales, service & Spares parts. Now it has more than 10 Dealers in Nepal.

IME Electric is the electric vehicle wing of the IME Automobile business, It has started selling Raft electric two wheelers in Nepal and have ambitious plans to expand to four-wheel passenger cars and commercial vehicles in near future.

Raft Motors is amongst the top 10 electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India and is providing quality vehicles with good reliability and best possible features.

For any enquiry regarding Dealership and vehicle purchase, one can contact 9801108975.

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